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    Minerals Beneficiation Plant

    Limestone Processing

    The production scale and quality of Active limestone processing plant:
            This active limestone processing plant uses the company’s study of vertical preheater – rotary kiln – upright cooler calcining system, Daily production of reactive limestone 400 tons. Product(Active limestone ) quality up to national standards (YB/T042-93) required more than one product, that is:

    Product level

    Chemical composition%

    Activity degreeMI






    On ignition≤

    Special level








    First level







    Equipment list of this Active limestone processing plant:
            The active lime is the commonly to say " CalciumOxide ", the mainly content is CaO that be calcined by CaCO3. The lime is the most important industry basic materials. Form the current market seen, The low quality lime market need is less than the supply. But the high quality lime supply is unable to meet the market demand…With the development of the market economy, The high quality lime ‘s quantity demand cann’t satisfy the current social demand.
            Active limestone processing plant equipment include the whole seeing, including four stages equipment, material crushing, clinker heating, cooling, packing, The detail equipment are clinker crusher, vibrating screen, rotary kiln, preheater, cooler, elevator, plate conveyor and so on.

    Active limestone processing plant Flow Chart:
    400 TPH Active limestone processing plant


    Production methods of Active limestone processing plant:
            The project will be vertical preheater, rotary kiln, vertical cooler, flue gas treatment systems, material handling systems, product delivery system composed of a complete production line.

    Active limestone processing plant Process Description:
            1. Transport storage and transportation of raw materials
            Qualified size of the limestone conveyor into the gravel yard, and then sent by the bucket elevator preheater at the top of silo.
            2. calcined limestone
            Limestone calcination system is a YX-400 vertical preheater, Φ3.6 × 56m rotary kiln and cooler drum composition, production 400t / d. Material from the hopper through the preheater at the top of slide under the material inside the tube into preheater, rotary kiln while passing by the high-temperature flue gas to preheat the material above 800 ° C, the partial decomposition of limestone, then 8 putting order into the rotary hydraulic tail, and then unloaded by rotary kiln calcination into the vertical cooling machine, blown by the cooling fan forced air cooling, the material is cooled to ambient temperature +65 ° C cooler discharge the following , coolers using air as the primary and secondary combustion air into the rotary kiln to participate.
            3. product delivery
            Lime products after unloading from the cooler by the chain conveyor, HL-type bucket elevator conveyor to the product silos.
            4. flue gas treatment
            High-temperature rotary kiln combustion gas in the preheater heat exchange within the limestone, the temperature dropped to 300 ° C below, and then by pipe-type cooler flue gas temperature will drop further to 200 ° C, then into the bag filter. After the dust into the atmosphere by high-temperature fan, the dust emissions of the gas concentration is less than 50mg / m².

    Active limestone processing plant Electrical and Lighting:
            1. the total installed capacity of production line kw. High-voltage direct power: kw, low power: kw.
            2. distribution lines
           (1) Outdoor power cable is generally used VV22 or VV type, plant selection VLV-type power cable, control cable selection KV type.
           (2) Laying distribution line within the plant: the main bridge, a small local cable direct burial.
            3.Electric Lighting
           (1) factory lighting: cable laying route using main roads, equipment, high pressure sodium lamps.
           (2) lighting workshop: the use of uniform lighting and local lighting combined with lighting fixtures according to type generally used in broad or deep according to factory lights.
           (3) the control room and office lighting using fluorescent lamps.

    Active limestone processing plant automatic control:
           (1) control points set to meet the process requirements and reliable operation as a precondition.
           (2) The domestic application of mature, reliable performance, long life, easy to operate, affordable automation.
           (3) systems of the various points of pressure, temperature, level and other parameters of the secondary instrument, the counter was installed in the control panel, control instruments placed in the control room cabinet, easy to operate observation, real-time monitoring.
           (4) can be simulated on the IPC flow chart showing the plant, process parameters and curves, fault alarm outstanding for operator inspection.
           (5) in the library at the end of the tape transport of limestone, vertical cooler at the bottom of phosphorus conveyor, belt conveyor lime library near the end of the industrial TV cameras set up so that in the control room to monitor plant operations.

    Active limestone processing plant dust and dust collection measures:
            In order to effectively control the dust into to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment, the project adopt the principle of prevention. From process design to minimize the production of dust link, select the device less dust in the dust more efficient single-site dust control settings.
            Plant powder granular material transport, as far as possible the use of bucket elevator and other closed-type conveyor. Need belt conveyors for the material to minimize the gap material to enhance sealing and reduce dust and dust to escape.
            Design characteristics for each source of pollution and dust pollution in size, were selected and the structure of different types of dust collection equipment, waste gas and dust through the dust collector on the purification, purified air dust concentration ≤ 60mg / m².
            Calcination gas mainly composed of CaO dust, CO2, N2 and water vapor, through the bag filter dust, through the 25-meter-high stack emissions into the atmosphere, will not pollute the surrounding environment.

    Active limestone processing plant Sewage Treatment and Disposal:
            The process of the production process wastewater is extremely rare. Production process is mainly rotary kiln, preheater, cooler and other equipment needed cooling water. The cooling water circulating through the cooling tower use. Cooling water is not directly related to raw materials, finished touch, just as the heat exchange mediated. In addition to slightly elevated temperature, the water is not a chemical change. After the cycle of water treatment plants within the filtration system, cooling and a series of processing recycled.
            Laboratory waste emissions do not primarily chemical analysis equipment wash water, which contains a small amount of acid-base components. Waste excluded from the laboratory, diluted into the drainage system.
            Stormwater drainage system discharged directly from the factory.

    Active limestone processing plant the technical characteristics of the program:
            A. the end of this project has a vertical rotary preheater, rotary kiln full advantage of high-temperature combustion gas, the preheater preheating the material, so that the material in the preheater partial decomposition occurred, so System production increased by 10%, 30% thermal efficiency.
            B. in the flue gas treatment system with powerful multi-tube cooler reduces the temperature of the flue gas exhaust preheater, ESP will be used to dust bag filter.
            C. finished with lime technology sophisticated cooling drum cooler, only the ash temperature of about 40 ° C above the ambient temperature around the machine with no moving parts, smooth operation, less equipment maintenance.
            D. because the entire system is used by most of the equipment developed by our company, so do not have to pay for expensive technology development and technology transfer costs, thereby reducing the entire process system investment.

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