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    Rotary Vibrating Screen

    【Capacity】:1.0-2.0 T/H

    【mesh size】:2-500mesh



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    Brief Introduction:

    Rotary vibrating screen is designed as a high-precision screening machinery,it is composed of a upper cover,a screen box, a base and a vertical motor with eccentric weight installed at two ends.Rotary vibrating screen can be produced in horizontal, vertical, inclined motions by adjusting the upper and lower eccentric weight.Diameter also can be ranged from 400mm to 2000mm, with single or multiple screening decks.

    Working Principle and Application
    Rotary Vibrating Screen is a vertical-motor system, with eccentric weights installed on top and bottom of motor. The direction of the eccentric weights can change its rotational mode either in horizontal, vertical and inclined movement on the sieving screening surface. The trajectories of the materials on the sieving machine can be change by adjusting the phase angle on both top and bottom parts.
    Rotary Vibrating Screen is widely used in many industries,covering food,chemical,ceramic,metallurgy,pollution treatment and so on,dealing with various kinds of materials.


    1.Layers can be up to five layers,diameter ranges from 400mm-2000mm
    2.Fully enclosed design,continuously operation,small volume and low noise
    3.Self-cleaning device can avoid blockage, mesh size can reach 500 mesh ( 0.028 mm)
    4.High precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise

    5.Unique design of screen structure, convenient and quickly to change screen (only 3 to 5 minutes)

    Technical Parameters:

    Model Effective diameter for sievingsurface(mm) Effective sieving area(m2) Sieving mesh specification Layer(s) Power(kw)
    Vibration motor Common motor
    S49-600 Ø540 0.2289 2-500 mesh 1-4 0.25 0.75
    S49-800 Ø730 0.4183 2-500 mesh 1-4 0.55 1.1
    S49-1000 Ø900 0.6539 2-500 mesh 1-4 1.1 1.5
    S49-1200 Ø1100 0.9499 2-500 mesh 1-4 1.1 1.5
    S49-1500 Ø1400 1.5386 2-500 mesh 1-4 1.5 2.2
    S49-1800 Ø1700 2.2687 2-500 mesh 1-4 4.0 3.0
    S49-2000 Ø1900 2.7922 2-500 mesh 1-4 4.0 3.0
    S49-2200 Ø2100 3.5600 2-500 mesh 1-4 4.0 4.0

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